Coopers Farm, Chiddingly


Robin & Marilyn Symington   Coopers Farm, Chiddingly, LEWES  BN8 6HD

The National Archives - these tell you what's available where.  Masses of information - just put Chiddingly 
into the search box and click.  In November 2011 they claim 1,689 records.

Mark Anthony Lower's History of Chiddingly
from Sussex Archaeological Collections Vol 14

William Chives' notes about living in Chiddingly, between approx 1890 - 1940

Chiddingly Church

Stream Mill background info

The Bow Bells Milestones

George White's diary - 1829 - when he was 11 years old

James Pilbeam,  Mercer of Chiddingly, by Norma Pilbeam   January 1990
James Pilbeam's shop was what until around 1990 was Robinsons' Stores, opposite the Six Bells pub and next to the Parish Church.
This inventory was taken in 1728.

Chiddingly Hotpot recipes
See also
and Google  "Chiddingly Hotpot".

The Lordship of Chiddingly (an Acrobat pdf file).  The current Lord of the Manor lives in the U S A.

A Chiddingly Oral History - an edited transcript of recordings made of Chiddingly people's reminiscences around 1995.

Small Farms in a Sussex Weald Parish [Chiddingly]   18oo-6o   By JUNE A SHEPPARD
This is a 1Mb Acrobat pdf file.
The Sussex Weald is an area where many small farms survived into the nineteenth century, and their
fate in Chiddingly parish between I8OO and 186o is explored. They thrived up to 1815; between I816
and I842, nearly half were lost, many of the remainder changed from owner-occupancy to tenancy,
and a few additional ones appeared on newly-enclosed land; after 1842, changes were few... 

The Chiddingly Boar.  A small gilded-silver cap badge, dating back to approx 1485, and found in Chiddingly in 1999.  The item is in the British Museum, but under the Data Protection Act the Museum cannot release details of who finds objects (unless the finder has allowed their name to be published in the annual Treasure Report). The find spot cannot be disclosed either without landowner and finder permission.  So it is not known who found it or where.  The British Museum records it was found in Chiddingly, East Sussex; because nothing has ever been said about it in this Parish it is possible it was found in the other Chiddingly near West Hoathly, but that is in West Sussex.  See and also

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The Chiddingly Tithe Map - this is a map of the Parish of Chiddingly produced in 1839 for the Commutation of Tithes and Parochial Assessments by Richard Lower.  BEWARE:  East Sussex Records Office holds the copyright of this map.

Online Parish Clerks:  this is a national organisation, and there is no connection between this and those who are Clerks to Parish Councils.  Their website describes them as "volunteers who collect genealogical information about a specific parish and answer email enquiries without charge."  The link here takes you to their Chiddingly page.

Francis Frith - a commercial site which can provide some old pictures and maps of Chiddingly and the local area.

A Chiddingly googlemap